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The Crafty Kids Crate "Artistic Season Tree" is a multi-seasonal tree which teaches children of all ages about the four seasons. The idea is to have this tree become a piece of art year round (keep an eye out for "add on" Crafty Crates that will be available for each season). This art project allows opportunities for: exploring nature, up-cycling, and recycling while utilizing natural materials. This project also encourages: sensory exploration, color identification, counting, visual and fine motor development, eye-hand coordination, sequencing and planning.

Suggested Activities

TREES not only make our world a beautiful place, but they filter out the air in the environment and provide oxygen for all living creatures to breathe. Let's start by reading or having an adult read you this informative and important article about trees!


Why do we need trees? Watch this short learning video that talks about the importance of trees!

What are the parts of a tree?

Learning Video activity ideas: Have younger children verbally recite 2 things they learned from the video.


The Importance of Trees

What do tree roots do, and what is photosynthesis?

Learning Video activity ideas: Have younger children verbally recite 2 things they learned from the video.

Take a few minutes to watch these videos to learn more about the importance of trees!!

ART PROJECT STEPS (after watching videos and answering questions)

CHECK OUT THE YouTube Tutorial that guides you through the steps and creating your Artistic Season Tree!


-Go outside with an adult and observe a tree in your backyard or in a nearby park

  • What color are the leaves of the tree?

  • What color is the ground?

  • What color is the sky?

  • How tall is the tree?

  • Touch the bark of the trunk, what does it feel like?

-Gather the following items from nature

  • 7-10 small tree branches that you find on the ground (around 1/4 inch round and 8 to 12 inches long) look for a variety! 

  • Gather a couple of leaves from the tree (observe the different sizes and colors)

Once you have completed the nature walk and gathered your materials you are ready to move on to creating your ARTISTIC SEASON TREE.  

Tune  into KIKI'S YouTube channel to learn more about the suggested daily activities and necessary steps to take to complete your ARTISTIC SEASON TREE ART PROJECT!


Ideas for scaling the activity:  


Ages 4-5 years: Children in this age bracket can work on; 

  • Counting, patterns, color and number identification when collecting materials in nature needed for the project. This can be done by asking the child to find a specific number and or color of sticks for their tree. Ask the child to match or group items necessary for the craft by number or color. For example, place 3 items next to the number 3, or put all brown items next to the word brown or on top of a sheet of brown construction paper. 

  • Following directions and sequencing. This can be done by drawing simple pictures to identify the basic steps of the activity inorder  by 1,2,3 or by first, second and third. For example; 1) collect sticks 2) put sticks into the craft roll to create branches of the tree, 3) place moss around the tree to represent grass. 


Ages 5-6 years: Children in this age bracket can work on; 


  • Writing and eye-hand coordination by tracing simple words that represent items needed for the craft such as; tree, stick, or brown.

  • Math concepts (Addition/subtraction), number and letter identification. For example, ask the child to place 3 sticks into the craft roll, then have him/her add additional sticks to see how many total sticks they use to complete the branches of their tree.   

  • Basic time concepts  understanding such as; day/night or seasons.

  • Following multi-step directions and sequencing, by identifying  the steps of the activity and grouping them in order  by first, next, and last


Ages 6-7 years: Children in this age bracket can work on;


  • Cutting, writing, drawing, and eye-hand coordination. For example, have children trace and or cut out leaf designs. Children can then add details and color in the leaves. 

  • Writing: Trace words that represent objects used in the activity or words that indicate the four seasons. 


Ages 8 and up: Children and adults in this age bracket can work on; 


  • Applying math and time concepts to the real world. For example, provide the person doing the craft with a time frame then have that individual figure out how much time is needed to complete the individual activity steps. or work on measurement by measuring the length of each stick. Then ask them to compare numbers using greater and less than.

  • Writing Concepts: For example, write out steps for the activity. Write sentences describing the four seasons.

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